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31. July 2014, 01:16:14 *
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by Theoden Resident on 23. July 2014, 23:00:44
[ .: The Empire of Ar :. ]

Finally... Ar has returned.

RP style: Para RP focused
Build: Builder of the recent Telnus. Mesh build.
Sim Owner: Former Kaelus/Fort Laurius player Cali Ormega
1816 Views | 2 Replies
by Theoden Resident on 15. July 2014, 14:40:22
 I couldn’t find much on Esalinius and Harfax apart from the fact that they were close to each other and Besnitt and the Clearchus forests and the Sardar, and that Harfax was allied to Besnit. So I decided to fill in the gaps.

499 Views | 2 Replies
by Kharas on 01. July 2014, 05:28:11
So I've been thinking lately about why it's been so hard for me to get Kharas back into the swing of rp; I really haven't done much if anything since Port Cos closed last year.  Part of it I'm sure is because I took great efforts to make him a unique character.  But...
1760 Views | 5 Replies
by Mercy Riiser on 26. June 2014, 14:20:17
Note: This rp took place over a period of about 3 weeks in Besnit.


The sun was just beginning to set as the Alar followed the stream through the woods. He stopped his wagon amongst the trees outside the...
3516 Views | 9 Replies
by zabrovski01 on 20. June 2014, 20:34:26

My name is Christophe Duret. I'm PhD candidate in French studies (University of Sherbrooke, Canada). I do a research about Gorean roleplaying games and I look for players that would answer to the following questionnaire (available online at...
672 Views | 0 Replies
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31. July 2014, 01:16:14

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