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by alix falconer on 28. February 2015, 19:19:19
No way to hire a member of the Black Caste without the entire sim seeing you speak to one.. or having to pull out of role-play and arrange to meet in IM's?

"It was he, then," I said, "who hired...
1706 Views | 1 Reply
by Garrgon Resident on 16. February 2015, 23:06:22
I have penis questions as they relate to SL avatars.

1) Why are people so uptight about your penis matching your skin color. Shouldn't they be just a shade darker?

2) Why do men make their schlong to be the size of a killer whale in their pants? I'd hate to think...
25962 Views | 36 Replies
by Syndel Daviau on 10. February 2015, 16:41:41
During the night, a bunch of men spread through your city, pushing the pamphlets under the doors of the richest houses. It's very obviously an invitation.
Will you attend to this prelude to the Carnival of Port Kar?
Follow the instructions on the image!
(Saturday, February...
1241 Views | 2 Replies
by Syndel Daviau on 09. February 2015, 15:50:28
As a sim owner (multiple times) there's two questions that I guess will never be answered:

1) Why can't people actually READ and COMPLY to rules before teleporting down to a sim?

2) How in the world can they feel entitled to be offended, to bash (and even cuss at)...
68093 Views | 139 Replies
by Xaz Elephas on 09. February 2015, 05:44:53
Hi we are doing a Rejuv Serum story line, a few sims are involved and we need volunteer role-players slaves,  or thief's,  or shady person. Like a char who would not be missed from the general public if they suddenly vanished off the face of the planet. Requirements are someone who...
1887 Views | 3 Replies
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02. March 2015, 12:09:03

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