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19. April 2015, 09:53:40 *
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by Marie Resch on 14. April 2015, 10:06:26
BtB environment.
Scenario is a trading post surrounded by northern woods.
We are recruiting for -
Trading Post Dwellers (cottages, rooms)
Tavern Keeper, Tavern Wenches, Slaves
Slaver (separate walled compound)
Panther girls
140 Views | 0 Replies
by roughplay resident on 13. April 2015, 23:07:47
I like to discuss with the german publisher for the Gor books the idea to add some advertising for SL Gor to them. When it works it could help to bring more to SL Gor again.

What about the same for other countries?

We should for that collect some great pictures from sims...
1163 Views | 5 Replies
by roughplay resident on 13. April 2015, 19:00:29
A lot told me that the old Gor, the classic Gor was much better. So I started to ask myself what was different? And can we get back what was maybe better?

One thing I remember was that most cities had no citykennels and slavers as merchants with own business.
13662 Views | 34 Replies
by Jager Xeltentat on 10. April 2015, 00:16:09
I'm looking for the perspective of slave players or anyone who has played a role that has IC training involved in the RP. In my fantasy land, people can pop into a sim, know their role and immediately play. It's nobody else's responsibility but the player to figure out how to fit the...
6058 Views | 11 Replies
by Marie Resch on 08. April 2015, 03:16:02
Woodhaven is a brand-new Gor sim which is in the process of community-building before our grand opening.

The setting is a small trading post, far into the northern forests, surrounded by panthers, outlaws, and pirates.

We are currently searching for the following people:
2085 Views | 2 Replies
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19. April 2015, 09:53:40

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