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22. September 2014, 18:11:38 *
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by Conall DeCuir on 19. September 2014, 17:10:30
I need some input about sleens and their use for sl-gorean-roleplay.

.......... Some sleen are used as bodyguards; others are trained to kill in the arena; others perform in exhibitions and carnivals. There are many uses to which such animals are put. The herding, tracking and control...
2238 Views | 8 Replies
by FaelynnRecreant on 14. September 2014, 11:41:24
Or: Stereotypes of Gor. It is almost character branding. Behave outside the brand you would get "But (insert FW, man, slave, whatever) would not do it like that".

Seriously? Gor is no small village - it is a world with a lot of different cultures. A Red Savage would act...
3526 Views | 30 Replies
by FaelynnRecreant on 12. September 2014, 12:18:23
 My old character was brought over from IRC and by the time she hit SL Gor she already was an acerbic old bitch. I have played her so long I totally felt at home in her, she fit like a glove - was my Gor-me.

Now, because I started over,wanted to take a different approach and because I...
1105 Views | 5 Replies
by FaelynnRecreant on 11. September 2014, 09:58:51
Well, now I am back in SL Gor. After so many years. What did I expect? That SL Gor miraculously returned back to its roots? I won´t even talk about IRC here.

The only really good development I can make out is that GE is now a thing on its own, easy to evade.

I will not start...
3339 Views | 30 Replies
by Faith on 10. September 2014, 17:06:50
Present location: Cardonicus http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crockie%20Island/92/116/1067

Chain Girls of Genyvee, they'll get so dirty you won't touch them.

320 Views | 0 Replies
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22. September 2014, 18:11:38

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