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by Xaz Elephas on 08. October 2015, 11:45:01
According to many, there was something grand and adventurous about a ship voyage. The poets wrote of glorious discoveries in the open waters. Bards sung of exotic ports of call with fantastic sight and sounds. Warrior's praised the thrill of watching the prow of a ship bully its way through a...
764 Views | 2 Replies
by Persis Ishtari on 29. September 2015, 11:03:41
Me again Smiley

As i recall it, a free woman getting pregnant without a companion, would be enslaved Is it always so, or can the pregnancy be hidden and the child send away after birth, which has been seen in earth history throughout centuries?

Can anyone provide me of any BTB...
5483 Views | 53 Replies
by Persis Ishtari on 29. September 2015, 10:58:51
Hi all.

In most sims I have seen through out the years in Gor, it has always been like this, that people playing high caste has the right to live up the city and those playing low caste live down the city Their rentals are always smallest and usually in darker areas.

Imagine a...
480 Views | 5 Replies
by Melisande Moisant on 24. September 2015, 21:34:42
OOC Note:  This part of The Vintner is played by Amiel (Hesius) who is Acilius in-world.  His slave is Windsong who is played by Ost Clawtooth.

Earth year 8400 BC, 250 years before the founding of Ar. The nearest spelling to what he was called is Amiel, though there was...
453 Views | 2 Replies
by Xaz Elephas on 24. September 2015, 06:55:51
"The kills need to be fast...the heads intact." The Initiate told them.

Laid open, glinting against the dull, worn brown were skinning knives, long handled froe saws, and axes of varying size.

The Temple:

The room was daubed in pools of soft, pale light...
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