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by Zyke Dragoone on 17. April 2014, 20:34:44
Tal Free,  Kajiri, Kurii, Priest Kings, and whatever else finds a home in these forums Tongue

I am looking for something rather peculiar, but I am told it did happen in the books. I am looking for reasons why a man would shun the Home Stone he was sworn to and leave. Does anyone know of...
683 Views | 10 Replies
by Xaz Elephas on 10. April 2014, 03:54:19
Few years ago a storyline kicked off with Black Caste, Kur, PK's and some cities.  I am reviving it again.  I need some role-players to play some bit parts in the epic story.  It can be done on a alt or your main. Which every your comfortable with. It is a little outside the box...
1013 Views | 8 Replies
by Ajanis on 03. April 2014, 21:08:04
Greetings all...

I was wondering what resources you all use to find quotes from the books...(I do realize that they're IN THE BOOKSCheesy) but I was looking for a list of on-line resources that I could use if I had a question or wanted to find out more information about...
860 Views | 6 Replies
by Nephtides Resident on 02. April 2014, 22:25:34

Beginning the 6th of april at 12:30 pm, we start the tenth Voyage of Acquisition. This time, the agents have a difficult task ahead, involving breaking and entering, theft and of course the kidnapping of hapless Canadians / Tourists in Canada....
437 Views | 0 Replies
by Xaz Elephas on 02. April 2014, 01:12:44
418 Views | 0 Replies
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