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by Lokiande on 23. May 2015, 13:04:07
In a discussion about how Gor works, a friend and I stumbled upon something that I can't quite understand. Namely, physical strength of men vs women on Gor. All men are more or less around the range of a top wrestler, or higher, while the most women can get to is "the strength of a 12...
3268 Views | 5 Replies
by Adoveea Rau on 21. May 2015, 20:44:40
 Simkin and I go back 5 years in roleplay. In this period we never discussed his history either in OOC or Roleplay.... read here what happens when a high caste haughty woman and a low caste proud assassin clash

[2015/05/20 10:04:40]  Tarn Lady (adoveea.rau): whispers: looks and...
324 Views | 0 Replies
by leia36 on 20. May 2015, 11:18:28

Now, we have players who think that a FW can normally go unveiled, when visiting a foreign city, has her hair flowing in the wind like slave hair, or even wear a sheer veil, and that everything is ok. Typically a...
5531 Views | 17 Replies
by Lokiande on 12. May 2015, 09:40:55
SoG is now a series of shorts, vignettes, and whatever else I come up with. This one is particularly... Something.

It had been three days.

Three days of checking on the little cave in the desert.

Three days of hope.

Three days of listening to...
404 Views | 0 Replies
by Unity Canare on 11. May 2015, 22:50:40
Lately there has been alot of talk on sims, in RP, in groups about punishment collars.  But as  yet I have not been able to find one quote.. help anyone?

3948 Views | 14 Replies
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27. May 2015, 15:32:00

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