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19. December 2014, 16:47:48 *
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Visit the GRC in SecondLife"  border=0 height=187 width=150
by roughplay resident on Yesterday at 13:32:45
Some pictures from a testmovie I made time ago. It was about a funeral with a special event. One day I will finish the movie.

During the preparation of a short video I thought about why Priest-Kings and Kurii are not more often parts of storylines in SL Gor. Is it because most thing PKs...
47 Views | 0 Replies
by MightyMars on 17. December 2014, 05:20:42
Tal all;

I post here as I have just had a female slave submit to me that wishes to have the full Gorean experience of being collared and brutally sold off on the blocks with no say what so ever.

She is a slave RL also and does not want choices, I have her currently in my...
483 Views | 20 Replies
by Lokiande on 15. December 2014, 17:09:14
How do you as a slave, panther, or FW, dance? How would you describe the stately free maiden's dances, or the wild dances of the panthers or the sensual dances of slaves? Here is a place to showcase the dances you have done or want to do, to show off and offer ideas for aspiring dancers. Also...
66 Views | 0 Replies
by Yaynenali Resident on 08. December 2014, 15:53:59
I've been travelling around to different sims lately in consideration of rejoining Gorean roleplay after a long absence. I've seen a lot of nice builds, busy sims, poor builds, empty sims and listened in on both good and less-than-good roleplay. None of the lesser qualities made me turn...
1747 Views | 52 Replies
by Garrgon Resident on 04. December 2014, 23:06:09
I'm thinking of getting something like the Dragon software, to help with some of the issues I have with my hands and how hard it's getting to type out roleplay. Does anyone use something like this for roleplaying? I'm wondering if there's a program anyone recommends who uses it...
532 Views | 10 Replies
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19. December 2014, 16:47:48

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