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29. July 2015, 13:26:20 *
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by roguejames resident on Today at 12:34:43
WANTED: Gorean Chain Sister / Slave Girl, must  be able to make paga,  voice a plus, ability to juggle a plus, large breasted a plus, dark skinned a plus, pani a plus, of the Schendi or Tahari a plus, being handy with the standard .225 selective fire gas operated, magazine fed zombie...
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by Adoveea Rau on Today at 06:48:45
Everyone else has this great dramatic roleplays...
I end up with players who become a terryifying combination of Keystone cops/3 stoogies or Animaniacs...

Laugh your way through this demented ooc/roleplay log
Posted with full permissions of all players

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by roguejames resident on Yesterday at 17:39:48
Note: The first three stories appeared roughly in sequence and were offered as ideas to pick through and include as origin possibilities and background. This story is offered as a direct origin possibility. Essentially this is a semi tragic story of the birth of two slaves, from vastly different...
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by roughplay resident on 25. July 2015, 09:26:02
Eine kurze Information an Freunde und Bekannte von Erik Dorn (roughplay in second life)
Stand 25.07.2015

In den frühen Morgenstunden erlitt Erik einen Schlaganfall und befindet sich jetzt in der Klinik. Glücklicherweise hatte er selbst noch den Notarzt rufen können.
1393 Views | 5 Replies
by Adoveea Rau on 24. July 2015, 23:33:14
of course posted with all players names & their permission obtained.
I love impromptu roleplay

Just your average day in a city..
I'm at one side of the fountain in the square on a bench, and the merchant is at the other side.
*whistles a bit*...

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29. July 2015, 13:26:20

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