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23. June 2017, 17:28:48 *
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by Kain Silvershade on 01. June 2017, 02:56:09
Not posting this for myself.

Achilles Alpharius is looking for land to set up the headquarters of his Merchant company, House of Alpharius Merchant Co.

He is willing to pay rent.

I was also asked to pass along that he is also open to splitting a sim 4 ways...
448 Views | 0 Replies
by Conall DeCuir on 05. May 2017, 20:06:22
The Veil Garden, located at Svago, is seeking

- Guards
- Mercenaries
- Bounty Hunters
- Free Women who would like a new experience (willingly or unwillingly)
- and Slaves, well trained to please Men.
(Alts welcome, as there is no guarantee the Brothel will be...
788 Views | 0 Replies
by Irish Breen on 04. May 2017, 23:08:26
I looked and searched and I am unable to find, quotes ob being a unowned slave. I KNOW there is no such thing.  I know that slaves fresh of the boat ( lets call them FOB's ). Are unowned, however they are owned, first by the captors and then by the slavers/trainers, and city/state,...
2843 Views | 11 Replies
by Kail Lefevre on 04. May 2017, 23:04:05

*Disclaimer* This post is going to be one of my long ones. Longer then normal. If you read it all, bless ya. If not, eh. I understand.

In all seriousness I think most of us have been around enough now to know that put a slave through her paces, did not mean to stand...
2029 Views | 7 Replies
by sarahelisebeth Brenham on 16. April 2017, 07:46:37
Did matchmakers exist in Gor? If so, are their any in SL Gor?
3197 Views | 6 Replies
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23. June 2017, 17:28:48

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