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by Xaz Elephas on 11. September 2016, 13:25:08
I am starting a new thread for Plunders due to there some game changer information in this book concerning Black Caste.  I have my Kindle on the charger and will begin to read the book today. 
1210 Views | 12 Replies
by Adoveea Rau on 13. August 2016, 00:20:57
Then you get a friend sending you a roleplay video saying

[15:14] Old Scar (Cross101 Avro): this is what happens when I dont get my blackwine

Told me to feel free to post it.
How could I resist?
1287 Views | 3 Replies
by Adoveea Rau on 16. July 2016, 23:14:12
I charged Cain an extra 1 linden trauma cost for this custom tarn I made for him.
You'll see why when you see the pictures...
But for your enjoyment, I accepted a commission of a custom tarn, after he did this roleplay in Hochburg..
they sent him to me.....
Read and...
2173 Views | 3 Replies
by leia36 on 21. June 2016, 21:20:02

A taste of things to come.
2276 Views | 4 Replies
by Suma Janus on 10. June 2016, 00:10:08
The Great Caravan is soon ready to travel again on a long and dangerous journey from Tarnfell in the north to Turia in the south and back regularly.

We will have some forest girls along as scouts and the warriors of Tarnfell will escort us to a ship at the sea.

We will go by...
4817 Views | 6 Replies
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