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No New Posts Out of the books
Gorean (second) life ist mostly based on the novels by John Norman. Here is the place to quote and discuss different interpretations or just to post all you need to know about gorean lifestyle.
4549 Posts
195 Topics
Last post by Nakshydil
in Re: High Slaves - BTB
on 03. August 2018, 05:01:08
No New Posts Castes and Roles
Descriptions of gorean high and low castes such as warriors, scribes, physicians, merchants etc. and of gorean roles such as free women, kajirae, etc.
1062 Posts
57 Topics
Last post by Laja DeCuir
in Re: In Honor of Cancifer...
on 15. April 2018, 19:03:40
Child Boards: Caste of Initiates, Caste of Scribes, Caste of Physicians, Caste of Builders, Caste of Warriors, Caste of Merchants, Caste of Metalworkers, Caste of Players, Caste of Assassins - the BC, Caste of Thieves, Panther Girls, She-Urts, Beggars
No New Posts Gorean Lifestyle/r
Out there you may find people who are called Gorean Lifestyler. This is the place for them to discuss their point of view.
1003 Posts
40 Topics
Last post by Catalina Staheli
in Discussion on Gorean Lif...
on 30. May 2014, 05:45:13
No New Posts Questions, requests or critique about GOR-SL
You need help to find your way through this forum? You want to suggest something or criticize..don't hesitate - post here!
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
2861 Posts
151 Topics
Last post by Laja DeCuir
in Re: Been a while...
on 30. April 2018, 11:20:44
No New Posts Technical Stuff
Technical issues, ideas, news etc.
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
2753 Posts
184 Topics
Last post by Adoveea Rau
in Animesh is on Aditi bein...
on 22. October 2017, 05:40:03
No New Posts Gossip
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
7130 Posts
460 Topics
Last post by Hekili Slade
in Re: Passing of Melichor ...
on 14. July 2018, 19:27:46
No New Posts Introduce yourself....
...to the community. Tell us who you are in sl-gor or whatever you like to tell us about you!
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
2871 Posts
268 Topics
Last post by Laja DeCuir
in Re: New to SL, New to Go...
on 01. November 2017, 18:45:31
No New Posts Shops, new releases of gorean goods
You own a shop? You sell or produce gorean stuff such as clothes, furniture, weapon and would like to announce your newest releases...post here..
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
2470 Posts
509 Topics
Last post by Adoveea Rau
in Re: Tarn House -Mouse St...
on 19. October 2017, 02:06:55
No New Posts RLF - Relay for Life 2013 Gorean Team
33 Posts
15 Topics
Last post by sparkle kling
in Re: Sammie Jestyr
on 02. January 2015, 20:14:11
No New Posts Black Caste Relay for Life (RFL) Gorean Group
Moderator: Xaz Elephas
4 Posts
2 Topics
Last post by Thom Podlum
in Re: 2017 RFL Jail & Bail...
on 17. April 2017, 16:52:41
No New Posts Fairs, Dances, Celebrations....
What is going on in the wide world of Gor? A place for those, who don't have their own part here to inform everybody ...
1586 Posts
262 Topics
Last post by sparkle kling
in Re: Dance Pit Raiders of...
on 25. April 2017, 18:19:02
No New Posts Angrfjord
Angrfjord is a BtB village located in the Northern Region of Gor, some 50 or so pasangs from Axe Fjord on the coast. A small village, we welcome traders and visitors (as long as friendly!) so come rest a while in the homely Long Hall, visit some of the merchants, peddle your wares and try the mead!!
38 Posts
9 Topics
Last post by LilithLLoxingly Resident
in Imperial State of Ar
on 22. January 2017, 09:43:31
No New Posts Axe Fjord
Holding of Stone and Ice A BtB Roleplay/Combat Sim in Torvaldsland
Moderator: Conall DeCuir
23 Posts
3 Topics
Last post by TaxInvoice
in Re: Axe Fjord
on 25. November 2013, 08:44:25
No New Posts Fort Laurius
A military outpost strategically located on a branch of the Laurius River, at the edges of the Northern Forests.
Moderator: Theoden Resident
6 Posts
3 Topics
Last post by Theoden Resident
in [ .: The Empire of Ar :....
on 19. October 2015, 06:23:33
Child Boards: Fort Laurius - News, Fort Laurius - Roleplay, Fort Laurius in Pictures
No New Posts Fortress of Maelstorm
"Family is important on Tyros as it is on Cos. It is an enemy of Ar and Port Kar. It has mazes of Vart caves. Tyros has trained varts, some the size of small dogs, to be used as weapons. Maelstrom, located Southwest of Tyros, where the wreckage of ships occasionally appears." (Tribesman of Gor)
47 Posts
13 Topics
Last post by annakiyaFalconer
in Re: The re-opening and r...
on 04. March 2013, 04:18:42
Child Boards: Maelstrom - General Discussions, Maelstrom - RP and story lines, Maelstrom - Events
No New Posts Hochburg
Hochburg, a mountain fortress city nestled in the southern ranges of the Voltai Mountains. Landlocked except for small river tributaries used for trade and transportation, this brooding metropolis is characterized by fierce, dominant men; cunning, silver-tongued free women; and slaves, eager to serve in the most pleasing ways.
149 Posts
16 Topics
Last post by Adoveea Rau
on 23. May 2016, 05:19:13
Child Boards: Hochburg - Roleplays, Hochburg - Events, Hochburg - General discussions
No New Posts City of Holmesk
Exquisitely landscaped, the city of Holmesk is a southern BtB Gorean sim providing roleplay for characters with education on Gor for typists. We are an open and friendly RP community living out their character's story-lines. All are welcomed!
Moderator: SaffronDuckie
0 Posts
0 Topics
Last post by SaffronDuckie
in Still in time to get to ...
on 01. June 2016, 12:04:24
Child Boards: City of Holmesk - General Information, City of Holmesk - Events & Class Schedules, City of Holmesk - Discussion Topics
No New Posts Island of Katoteros - BtB Southern
A Southern Island near Port Kar, that acts as a trade port and is currently run under an Administration.
27 Posts
3 Topics
Last post by Hyouta
in IC: An Unoffical Newspap...
on 21. January 2014, 11:22:16
Child Boards: Island of Katoteros - RP Logs & RP Invites, Island of Katoteros - Events & Recruitment, Island of Katoteros - Questions
No New Posts Isle of Jasna
Jasna is a flourishing island trade city with a warm climate, 200 pasangs from its closest neighbor, the island of Anango, in the far south of Gor. BtB
Moderator: meb triellis
8 Posts
3 Topics
Last post by meb triellis
in Re: Companionship Ceremo...
on 04. October 2013, 22:35:27
Child Boards: Jasna - Role Plays, Jasna - OOC Discussions
No New Posts Ivar's Landfall
Ivar's Landfall, two small torvie villages located in north in Torvaldsland middle of beutifull, high mountains surrounded by forest and stormy sea.
57 Posts
12 Topics
Last post by Ivar Eberhardt
in Re: Ivar's Landfall open...
on 17. February 2015, 17:20:31
Child Boards: Ivar's Landfall - RP logs, Ivar's Landfall - Events
No New Posts Oak Haven
The residents of Oak Haven desire above all else, to be involved in on-going, immersive role play, following the spirit of the law, not necessarily the letter of the law. No combat meters required, conflict is rp'd. NLS is used to enhance rp. RP-R-US! (immersive: noting or pertaining to role play that deeply involves one's senses and may create an altered mental state)
0 Posts
0 Topics
Last post by Tomson Gladstone
in Re: Meet the Citizens of...
on 14. December 2012, 08:54:05
Child Boards: Oak Haven - General Discussion - OOC, Oak Haven - Daily Life
No New Posts The City of Port Cos
Proud members of the Vosk League
Moderator: Watchmy Tracer
7 Posts
4 Topics
Last post by Watchmy Tracer
in Port Cos. A continuing u...
on 12. January 2015, 11:14:59
No New Posts Port Haifa
Port Haifa is an immersive role-playing sim based upon the Chronicles of Gor, written by John Norman. It is a flourishing merchant city as well as the home of the Port Haifa Training Academy. Within the Academy, both free and slaves partake in comprehensive training which is supported by quotes from the books. Port Haifa has an active, dedicated community of free persons who train slaves as well as care for and direct those collared by the city. All role-play is based upon respect for the person behind the keyboard and is 100% consensual.
1 Posts
1 Topics
Last post by Sas Shi
in The Jewell Theatre prese...
on 22. February 2016, 05:28:53
Child Boards: Port Haifa - General Info, Port Haifa - School Info, Port Haifa - Rentals, The Btb Club
No New Posts City of Port Ven
Moderator: Gabbi Sullis
4 Posts
1 Topics
Last post by Leith Constantine
in Re: Bustling city of Por...
on 14. April 2016, 07:26:15
No New Posts Rencers of the Vosk
We are a small homestead of rencers who live on the rence islands of the vosk delta outside of port Kar. We live and work the rence marshes. We have both RP and G&S trade systems set up. The sim is open to all, I do not have many rules on the sim as I believe common sense and respect should preveil.
Moderators: Xaz Elephas, kinkart
4 Posts
1 Topics
Last post by Aphris Myoo
on 15. August 2015, 20:42:15
No New Posts Tarn's Rest General Discussions
Trading Port Village on the Vosk River.
77 Posts
7 Topics
Last post by Artemis Rhiano
in Sim available on the Vos...
on 01. January 2013, 00:21:11
Child Boards: Tarn's Rest Warrior's Hall, Tarn's Rest Events, Tarn's Rest Role-play, Former Postings (Ka'Zahr), Artifact RP Stories
No New Posts City of Thentis
Deep in the Thentis Mountains at the head of the Olni River, surrounded by groves of black wine trees, lies the wealthy city of Thentis, famed for its black wine, wild tarns & silver mines.
130 Posts
26 Topics
Last post by Lily Knave
in Black Wine Blossom Festi...
on 01. June 2014, 18:32:43
Child Boards: RP Stories & Logs, Thentis Warriors, Thentis Merchants, Thentis Slaves, Thentis Special Events
No New Posts The City of Treve - Introduction, Laws and Council Decisions
A hidden city in the Voltai Mountains, accessible only by Tarnback or narrow goat path. It has little or no agriculture, and exists solely through raiding and warfare. It is known for its fierce independence, its love of warfare and its superb tarnsmen.
Moderator: Victor Warilard
2937 Posts
202 Topics
Last post by Victor Warilard
in Treve Tarn Race!
on 21. January 2017, 16:21:14
Child Boards: Treve Role Play, Treve Tribune, Warriors of Treve, The Ludus of Treve, Gorean Training Academy , Kennel of Treve, Treve Events
No New Posts Tyr's Fist Stronghold
30 Posts
2 Topics
Last post by Aislynne Melnik
in A New Beginning
on 19. April 2017, 16:33:25
Child Boards: Tyr's Fist - Village Roleplay, Tyr's Fist - Events, Tyr's Fist - General Discussions
No New Posts The Village of Besnit
....a northern-type village on the south border of the Northern Forest
3 Posts
2 Topics
Last post by Druhsus
in Re: Village of BESNIT - ...
on 09. February 2013, 21:13:38
Child Boards: Besnit - Bonds & Thralls, Besnit - Events
No New Posts Village of Sarona
59 Posts
21 Topics
Last post by River Airy
in third Village meeting- e...
on 08. December 2013, 11:14:17
Child Boards: Sarona Roleplays
No New Posts The Village of Troth
The Village of Troth is a BtB settlement populated by the descendants of Svein Blue Tooth, High Jarl of Torvaldsland as detailed in Marauders of Gor. Ours is a small village nestled in the western foothills of the Hrimgar Mountains. Tired of a Gor that is nicely polished and silky smooth? Come! We seek the rough, the disenfranchised, all who are tired of empty promises, the ones looking for a Gor that had been lost....but can be found again.
Moderator: Legion Merchi
15 Posts
4 Topics
Last post by Legion Merchi
in Tróth
on 27. September 2013, 17:38:42
Child Boards: Village of Troth - Roleplay, Village of Troth - Feedback and Ideas, Village of Troth - Events
No New Posts Voltai Viktel
Nestled in the mountain-range of the Voltai lies the City of Triumph, Voltai Viktel.
5 Posts
5 Topics
Last post by Mercy Riiser
in MOVED: Old Man in Voltai...
on 20. January 2014, 14:50:57
Child Boards: Voltai Viktel - Role play logs, Voltai Viktel - Story boarding, Voltai Viktel - Photographs, Voltai Viktel - Viktel Vision
No New Posts Woodhaven
Erected as a trading post deep in the the Northern Woods, it was meant to be a place for panthers, woodsman, outlaws, and Torvaldslanders to trade their goods and slaves, and enjoy a lively dance and beverage to ease the weariness of travel. Nearby, a large panther band encamps, plying their trade nervously with the free men and women of the outpost, even having the occasional beverage with the residents. Generally BtB, allowing use also of the G&S HUD.
Moderator: Marie Resch
0 Posts
0 Topics
Last post by Xaz Elephas
in Re: Placement of Woodhav...
on 27. September 2015, 17:00:16
Child Boards: Woodhaven Announcements, Woodhaven General , Woodhaven Roleplay Logs and Invites, Woodhaven Roleplay Ideas , Woodhaven Events , Woodhaven Questions and Answers
No New Posts ....more different gorean SIMs
This is the place to post all the gorean SIMs you think it's worth to tell about.
1229 Posts
183 Topics
Last post by Aphris Myoo
in Re: [.: Empire of Ar :.]...
on 27. January 2018, 20:31:17
No New Posts ...Unstationary Groups
A place for all the groups out there, who are not connected with a sim.
Moderator: Laja DeCuir
9 Posts
2 Topics
Last post by erician
in Welcome To All Trainee
on 12. September 2013, 18:01:32
Child Boards: Black Caste High Council of Gor - Trainee
No New Posts The Black Kaiila - Introduction, Laws and rules
The Black Kaiila Group was created by Lilith Illyar and Ryen Constantine. Dedicated to the colorful acquisition of questionable goods throughout Gor by the strict use of imaginative roleplay rather than typical combat.
0 Posts
0 Topics
Last post by Akane Nacht
in Re: A different way to d...
on 16. October 2016, 07:33:50
Child Boards: The Black Kaiila - General discussions, Black Kaiila RP
No New Posts Gorean Role Play - General Discussions
There are always different points of view about what gorean role play really is about. Or you are new to Gor and need help? Maybe you want to try a different role and need help or information? Some answers you may find here.
28883 Posts
1157 Topics
Last post by Hekili Slade
in Re: Height on Gor
on 14. July 2018, 19:48:59
No New Posts RP Logs
If you have a role-play (rp) situation you wish to share for others to read and provide feedback on, this is the place to post it. To make it understandable to all who haven't participated in the rp, write a simple sentence explaining what issue or question you want to receive feedback on and then post the roleplay after that sentence. Please know, however, that postings with the intention of just making someone look foolish or logs posted without the permission of all participants are subject to Modification, including being deleted without warning.
755 Posts
175 Topics
Last post by severus koskinen
in Re: Cain buys a Tarn and...
on 30. July 2016, 10:51:04
No New Posts RP Stories
You have a storie not sim related you wish to share that others may have the chance to follow or join? Post it here.
870 Posts
142 Topics
Last post by Baja Boa
in Re: A hunt in Besnit Pos...
on 08. April 2017, 05:36:18
Child Boards: Larp Adventures
No New Posts RP Review and Feedback
You have a rp you wish to share for review and feedback? This is the place to discuss those questions. We all never stop learning. Postings with the intention to make others look like a fool or logs without the permission of all participants will be deleted without warning.
45 Posts
5 Topics
Last post by severus koskinen
in Re: BANNED!
on 09. April 2016, 11:13:11

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