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by Laja DeCuir on 07. June 2008, 19:46:00
Tal dear members and guests of this forum,

I had a look on the date of my last article and I thought it would be time for a new one. During the last month I experienced a lot of different occasions inworld as well as around here, met a lot of different and awesome people. I am aware, that we have a pretty huge number of people in our forum, who are new to the gorean world in Second Life as well as those who are what we call old stagers*winks
Hence I would like to thank all who help to fill this place with knowledge, information and whatever you think is helpful. It is so awesome and I hope you will continue.
Especially to the new people: You tell me from time to time, that you found it helpful to read the informations which are provided around here already. During the last weeks I wrote a lil spate of the specials concerning "Gorean Ceremonies" which you can find under the thread "Out of the books" and I hope you like it so far.
To the old stagers and the ones who made their first steps: It would be great to read some of your experiences with those Ceremonies as well as others. Write it down or just post the chatlogs if you prefer it that way. Actually it would be wonderful if you don't hesitate to post those as well as the requests you might have. Tell me about your questions or topics that you feel missing around here and I will try to add them*smiles warmly

well wishes and may the priestkings protect your paths
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22. September 2018, 21:06:08

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