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22. September 2018, 20:58:17 *
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by Laja DeCuir on 22. December 2007, 15:53:00
Tal and greetings to all who find their way to this place*smiles warmly

there is and was an idea about building up this place I would like to point out a lil:

Since June 2007 some people found to each other and began to create a new gorean micro continent in the for us well known platform called SecondLife.

“Let us create a gorean subcontinent with Gorean sims of all kinds, all nations with one major goal: Getting closer together, learn to understand people and learn to deal with others, having fun by doing rp!“

For some of us it was a dream to fulfil, and we were challenged by a task. So it all took the beginning with our footprints we left in the desert. The desert which became to us all our mother and father, which gave us a place to settle our homestones and so touched deeply our hearts and souls.
Until now some month passed by and lots of things changed. Our continent did grow, some people left others joined. We started with a blog where all of the wonderful people of our lil gorean world could find all the news and informations which were bonded to it.

Our point of the gorean way of life was that surely Gorean-SecondLife is mostly based on the Novels from John Norman, even if there are of course some differences to the novels because not everything is transferable to SecondLife. So it was mentioned in the beginning, that it is not easy to find a way over the small street between using the books as some sort of a bible and using them just as the main idea and build up something not too different around it. It is and was a sort of frame to all not more not less. Our wish was to fill it up with a kind of individuality too, so we did many thing which aren’t stated in the novels. But anyway who would be able to cite it as evidence? The novels tell us about Tarl Cabots travels, describes that many parts of Gor aren’t even explored and mapped so we don’t know about all.

This freedom of interpretation will face everybody who walks through the gorean world in SecondLife, which presents lots of different views, interpretations, things which are worth to think and discuss about. Unfortunately some of those every now and then ongoing dramas in the communities base exactly on this. So be aware there won’t be ever only one way as well as there won’t be only one point of view or only one person who keeps the secret of the truth.

To built up a sim is one thing to built up a community another one and therefore it is important to change words and ideas.

This was our intention to open this Forum to spread informations and knowledge about Gor on one hand and to have a place to exchange experiences, thoughts, to have a possibility for everybody to look beyond one’s own nose and more.

So enjoy yourself!

We are looking forward to see YOU and welcome everybody warmly if you belong to our beautiful desert or elsewhere in the gorean world of SecondLife. Some of you may ask themselfs: Why another forum - there are already so many spread all over the web? Our goal is to bring as many people together as possible. We want to start in our lil continent and so we provide a board for every tribe in the desert, which their members may use for informations which can be read by all and as well those things they like to keep as sort of internal secrets*winks and smiles benignly

Well wishes and safe paths
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1 Re: Welcome to GOR-SL by Guru Randwick on 25. December 2007, 11:09:36
I wish to thank all those who made the opening of GOR-SL possible! I want to point out my special thanks to our moderator Laja DeCuir, the High Scribe of Sand Sleen, who not only had the idea, but also did push this project in the background, investing a lot of time and energy, regardless all the support she gave to me in Second Life, IC- or OOC-"quarrels" thru the last months!

SL-GOR has two parts:

1st part: It is the official blog of The "micro-continent of Sand Sleen ant of the Wastelands". Any officcial OOC announcements will be made here.

2nd part: SL-GOR is meant to be a forum for all those who like to discuss Gorean topics, who want to give new input, post new ideas either towards Our micro-continent, or to Gorean matters in general. There is one condition to be followed if you post in this forum: Ideas, dicussions, disputes have to be held in a constructive manner!

Finally, all I can do at this moment is to wish good luck to this OOC-forum SL-GOR! Now it's up to us all to make this forum to become a well known, distinguished, oftenvisited and read place in the Gorean Second Life world!

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22. September 2018, 20:58:17

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