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Author Topic: It's a matter of personal taste  (Read 2936 times)
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Thom Podlum
Global Moderator
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« 09. February 2017, 00:01:06 »
Greetings fellow shoppers for MALE Gorean clothing.  While what we choose to wear is always a matter of personal taste, I am reaching out here to seek out your recommendations on the best of the current male mesh clothing makers for Gorean wear.  Please, no bashing of any designers, but recommendations for designers who specialize in mesh are welcome.  And bonus points for any who are designing for specific mesh bodies such as Signature, Slink, etc. 

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Arthurine Somerset
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Lækný Lofgren Koskinen

« 09. February 2017, 13:01:28 »
I'm not a male but I have helped men shop. Peqe (standard sizes) do a good range of tops ideal for all over Gor. They also do a range of furs for both men and women. Glyph do full outfits - they're fitted mesh so can work with some mesh bodies but not others. !Go! do both earth and fantasy stuff. Their gacha items can be found being resold on the mp. They do generous standard sizing but it looks like they might be branching out into mesh body stuff.

Another thing is just being vigilant. Sometimes earth shopping events can provide stuff that you can use on gor... boots and pants, the occasional belt.
Victor Warilard
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« 09. February 2017, 16:23:35 »
Triad Fallen
I think even Silkworm has a decent male mesh outfit

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« 10. February 2017, 07:09:39 »
Slightly off topic but still relevant, also has good tips.


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