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Author Topic: New To SL, Not New to Gor  (Read 4574 times)
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Larlos Jtunkin
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« 12. March 2017, 19:58:36 »
Tal, I am new to SL-Gor although not new to Gor. I once read seventeen or so books of the holy grail of John Norman and am currently rereading them, skipping the books narrated by kajirae because I found them unusually tedious the first time around. Priest-Kings of Gor remains my favorite of the seventeen or so, and Nomads would be a close rival if not for the endless detour into What are you? I am a slave..  Aside from the tedium of slave brainwashing, J. Norman is not nearly as bad a writer as I remember.

I have done some mild roleplaying in another venue. I was surrounded mostly by Real Goreans who denied that they roleplayed so the pretend serves and collaring and the emasculated masters who could not collar a girl unless she begged his collar had no real story to it other than the drama of the  personalities of people at keyboards. I seek advice regarding where a person might go to roleplay who knows something of Gor while lacking experience in real roleplaying. 
Laja DeCuir
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« 12. March 2017, 20:18:20 »
Welcome to the forums and enjoy the time here as well as in SL.  Smiley

The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart ... - Antoine de Saint Exupery
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« 13. March 2017, 01:46:58 »
Hi and welcome,

I would suggest you don't skip any book if you have enough time to read them all. Let's remember that they are all a fiction and nothing else and more or less pleasant stories written by a misogynist man who proved he was rather not very skilled at understanding a woman's psychology. His writing style, I would say, is not so bad, his choice of vocabulary with sometimes, the use of archaic words is even, interesting. It's more about all the silly stuff he keeps repeating too many times, even in the same book and often in the middle of an action.... Deeply annoying.

But the books make a excellent resource if you want to play a credible character with a Gorean mentality. It's a rather difficult exercise because it requires, once you start role playing, that you get rid of your Earth morals, ethics and culture. It's why I like this role play. Because it's incredibly challenging to create characters who are human beings that I will depict in an environment so different of my reality, and then, embrace their emotions and feeling. It's like watching a good movie or reading a good book, but in having some form of control upon the story (knowing that you're in a game, and one which is still about collaboration).

The books "written" by kajirae are still full of information which can be used in RP. Many people tend to say that we're not in SL gor to play the books. Well, actually, the books don't limit our creativity. They increase it. Because they show a Gor, a culture which. unlike that we too often see in SL-Gor, is full of nuances and is never all gray or all black. It's why, since I read these books (eh, 34), I stopped aying attention to people who state (for example): "Kajira doing that = death". Because the books show the theory and then, let us discover a "practice" which can be far different (what people call "contradictions"...). And they allow us to make our characters behave in a way suiting their personality but as well their particular culture (which impacts one's mentality and actions)

Regarding the role play, I would suggest you to follow what is called the Role Play etiquette and applies to all RP environments:

- No godmodding: Any action you perform on someone's else character must be phrased like an attempt, use of dices is a good idea for you and fellow RPers to decide of the success of an action)
- No metagaming: Don't use information you get OOC'ly in your RP
- IC/OOC separation (we play a fictive character, what happens to this char is not done to us, the players)
- Take turns when posting (once you posted in a scene, it's your RP partners turn to post, wait your turn, never shotgun your posts)
- Respect other RPers, OOC'ly, we are all -equal-, only players sharing fun.
- No negative OOC oriented emote (don't take the excuse of an IC emote to write passive agressive thoughts which reflect your OOC mood)
- Give something to react in your posts
- Work on your character: His background (his origins, roots, how he became what he is...), his flaws, his merits and his skills

After, explore different sims... Use an observer tag and when you're ready, begin your RP Smiley

Akane Nacht
Jr. Member
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Posts: 16

« 13. March 2017, 06:59:24 »
The best advice I got regarding roleplaying is to approach it from the persepective of "how can I make this scene/story interesting and fun for the other player?"

By this I don't mean pandering to whatever they want to play however they want to play it, and ignoring your own wishes. Rather, it's using a bit of empathy for the other player to get the story between you going; listening to what they have to say and what sort of character they are aiming for, responding to it, and weaving it into your own. A good roleplayer will do the same for you, and that's when roleplaying is at its best.

I won't pretend it's easy to find good players of this sort, but it begins by you yourself being the type of roleplayer you'd want to play with.

Hope that made some sense. If you were just asking for SIM names, they kinda change rapidly, and it's luck of the draw what you find there on any given day. Pick one and try your luck Smiley
Larlos Jtunkin
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« 14. March 2017, 20:32:56 »
Thanks for the welcome, Laja DeCuir.

Nakshydil – I enjoyed your thoughts on the books. I will consider rereading the kajira books, but as I already read them once, I may not. And –oh, good lord—while I was not looking, it seems there are now more books. Witness had just come out when last I walked among Goreans and it was thought to be surely the last.

I agree “It's a rather difficult exercise because it requires, once you start role playing, that you get rid of your Earth morals, ethics and culture.”  I am descended from people who had slaves, so for me it is sort of an exercise in the dark side of my genealogy. I have wills where people were passed down along with horses and mirrors. 

Good advice re the RP etiquette. I have seen that before somewhere, maybe on this forum. I think the hardest one will be to separate self from one’s characters.  I’ll be bummed if I get killed off straight away when I’ve spent some time figuring out who he is.  But not to worry, I have also imagined other members of his family who may come looking for him if he disappears.

Akane Nacht, I think that is excellent advice about being the role-player I would like to meet. I used to bring a little humor into the role-playing I did which is perfectly in line with the books but was rather lacking among our group who got grim about honor, integrity and respect to the point that it was like hanging out with a bunch of religious fundamentalists. It actually played rather well, but one needs, as you said, empathy, to pull it off.  To know where to hold it, where to fold it, the old gambling wisdom.
Thom Podlum
Global Moderator
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Posts: 43

« 16. March 2017, 18:29:02 »
Larlos.  Welcome to Gorean RP.  To offer ideas on where you can go to RP, it would help to learn a bit more of the sort of character you wish to play.  There are some high quality sims out there these days, but recommendations will depend on if you want Northern RP, Southern, RP on a sim with loads of fighting, etc.  Is there a particular caste or type of RP you are more interested in?

Don't ever mistake
my silence for ignorance,
my calmness for acceptance
or my kindness for weakness.
Xaz Elephas
Global Moderator
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« 19. March 2017, 23:55:56 »
Thom has a good point.  Could you share perhaps what role you would be interested in playing in Gor.  And welcome. I have been here for 9 years.  Any help I can be feel free to contact me.  I remember my first days in Gor.  I was so afraid I mess up.  Don't worry about that too much.  Just have fun.

I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.
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