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Author Topic: 2017 RFL Jail & Bail Schedule - UPDATED Schedule as of April 17  (Read 3769 times)
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Thom Podlum
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« 18. March 2017, 13:51:54 »
All are invited to join us in raising funds for Relay for Life.  The Gorean Black Caste will be hosting several Jail and Bail events across Gor.  Thank you to each of our host cities.  The 2017 schedule follows:

DATE                CITY                     HOST

March 25          Olni                      Lucy Bronet
April 08            Sais                      Saryn (saryn.tedeschi)
April 22            Teehra                  Pasha wajti Mariah el Jabari (dubhessa)
April 23            Besnit                   Adielyn Himura (Arella Seetan)
May 06             Lara                     Scღrn (Scorn Eternal)
May 20             Forestport             Selia (julie.rae)
June 03            Port Cos                Anais Teach (anaisrider)
June 17            Port Kar                Harry Horchester                           ADDED
July 08             Jarnskog               Alvilda Ironbeard (Alba Aho)           ADDED

All times are 12 - 2 PM SLT

What happens in a J&B?
- The host sim generates arrest warrants.
- Any individual can take out a warrant for a small fee of 200 L which is donated to RFL.
- On J&B day, warrants are carried out by BC volunteers who go and arrest the individuals, bringing them back to the J&B location on the host sim.
- Those arrested are asked to have friends come and bail them out by donating to the RFL kiosk over their cell.  The recommended donation is a minimum of 5,000L.

Want to take out a warrant?
- Please contact one of the sim hosts for a warrant.
- Join us at any of these events and take out warrants the same day.

Questions?  Please contact Obsidian (Thom Podlum) or Mexli Reardon.

Thank you!!!
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Don't ever mistake
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or my kindness for weakness.
Kail Lefevre
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Com'on! It's not Rocket Surgery!

« 28. March 2017, 00:02:30 »
Might I suggest you contact the person you want to place the warrant on also. Some times people are in serious role play and some one showing up in the middle of this to arrest you for "always being so grumpy" is not okay lol.

I love Jail & Bail, I do and had a lot of fun a couple years back being part of it. However I sadly had to turn it down last yesr because I was indeed in the middle of important role play I had been waiting days if not a week to finally get to when I was served a warrant for too high tavern prices. It kind of break my heart to have to refuse. I did tip the warrant server however.

In the end the point is had I been contacted by the warrant issuer or the one serving the warrant I could of said I'm in the middle of something, come back in a hour or what have you and I would of been able to take part in this very noble cause properly.

Reputation is what other people know about you.Honor is what you know about yourself.There is no more hollow feeling than to stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public reputation wraps you in rewards.That’s soul-destroying.The other way around is merely irritating -L.M.Bujold
Thom Podlum
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« 17. April 2017, 16:52:41 »
The Jail and Bail schedule has been updated.  See the original post at the top of this feed for the current list of cities and dates.  Thanks to all of our hosts for supporting Jail and Bail and RFL!!

Don't ever mistake
my silence for ignorance,
my calmness for acceptance
or my kindness for weakness.
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