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Author Topic: A hunt in Besnit Posted for the killer Dagik till his membership is approved  (Read 3542 times)
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Keith Chrome
Global Moderator
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« 08. April 2017, 03:27:05 »
A man came seeking in a dark barren land
For a man to  end a life with steel in his hand
A contract he had for not one but two
To send to the city of dust with no further ado
The killer looked him square in the eye
With a voice so cold the man thought he would die
Be it one or two makes no difference to me
If death is what you seek than so it shall be

The fee was paid and the price it was high
The killer's skills were contracted to plie
The killer traveled to the distant land
And studied the marks for many a hand
Both were companioned to men of wealth
He continued his vigil not worried about stealth

A warrior from merchant one companion was found
Sought an ancient mask to which he could be bound
The killer eyes gleamed when he caught the tid bit
He went to a forge with scheming mind he would sit
To create a mask and claim it Pa-Kur's concealment
Soon it was formed in that old shoddy tent

Behind the cities great walls and doors quite stout
The killer whispered to the warrior keeping his mind in doubt
The price for this mask is great beyond scope
But the warrior said anything I will cope
The mask appeared for the greedy man's grip
For payment, the life of his companion would soon rip

Days later by a market of pottery
Lay the companions body in all her finery
Blood around pooled around much to the mans dismay
When suddenly he found the note that made his face grey
Bound to you now is the mask of pa-kur
I hope the price was worth you having an empty fur
vampz Nightfire
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« 08. April 2017, 03:37:29 »
Nice,  Well written,    enjoyed   the read,    and a  great   kill,  *mental Note,   dont want a  mask
Baja Boa
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« 08. April 2017, 05:36:18 »
me neither!
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