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Author Topic: Enter, Pursued By a Kaiila!  (Read 3259 times)
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Hello darkness, my old friend

« 01. June 2017, 00:39:46 »
Hello again. It's me, Loki!

I say again because a few years ago I was a FW merchant for Tharna, and I wrote a small story here on the forums.

I look back at my writing and cringe.

Now I return as a Kaiila. Still under the same name, Lokiande. I am a Southern Kaiila, that is I eat meat. Not a Barrens Kaiila that is an herbivore, or the Desert, which is an omnivore. I don't have limits, mostly because there are so few Gorean sims that allow and interact with animal roleplayers. Thus not enough of an opportunity to create limits.

Does "Please roleplay with me" count as a limit?

Anyway, glad to be back on the forums! Hope this finds you all well and having a good time in RP!


That awkward moment when you realize your favorite place to visit is actually a hive of scum and villany...
Laja DeCuir
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« 01. June 2017, 06:46:28 »
Heyyyy welcome back Loki  Grin have a great time!

The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart ... - Antoine de Saint Exupery
Thom Podlum
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« 03. June 2017, 13:52:34 »
Welcome back!

Don't ever mistake
my silence for ignorance,
my calmness for acceptance
or my kindness for weakness.
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