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Author Topic: Anarion Daorith Outpost -BTB Gor - Paragraph Roleplay  (Read 5879 times)
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Syndel Daviau
Sr. Member
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« 21. July 2017, 03:25:28 »
A call for all of those who miss good roleplay, writing storylines, politics, darkness, no pew-pew, to put aside the differences created along all these years and join in this project so all may have fun once again. Nothing that ever happened during roleplay in sims can be tagged as more than petty disagreements if you come to think of it and releasing it from our backs can be a great and refreshing start.

Traveling around Gor, I've come across this place and I think all should look at it. No, it's not mine Cheesy

Sim Owner/Builder/OOC Administrator: 'Єιr' (nisuliel)
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Open%20View/72/212/55
ETA: Sim is already open for roleplay, pending recruitment
Size: 1/2 full sim

The Anarion Daorith Outpost is located into the Piedmont along the spine route nestled into the mountains, with many water way connections and the beginning of the Northern Forest.

It is administered by bustling, trading system that will be associated with mixtures of various races and backgrounds all over Gor. It is influenced by a dark set of the gorean times. The Outpost is governed by trade, as you enter at your own risk; the coin can flip anytime. This includes many roles such as: Mercenaries, Pirates, Thieves, Merchants, Killers, Assassins, Torturers, Cut-Throats, Outcasts, you name it.

Combat System
ZCS Meter system will be used for this sim. We highly encouraged the use of the Roleplay Dice featured within the HUD for combat over the use of metered combat. Quality is always above quantity. Think realistically when you fight your opponent. All conflict should be dealt with via text (non-combative situations) and COMPLETELY IC in a mature manner between the players. If someone refuses to honor a win or has fought unfairly, please refer notifying the sim owner 'Єιr' (nisuliel) as she will reserve the right on final decision fairly.

Currently Recruiting
All Castes and leadership positions.

Some Preview:






Syndel Daviau
Sr. Member
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Posts: 435


« 24. July 2017, 19:11:12 »
Now recruiting:
- Head Physician
- Physicians (all specialties)
- Slavers
-Merchants - all kinds, i.e.
  - Baker
  - Inn Keeper
  - Seamstress
- Vintner
- Head Scribe
- Scribes
- Warriors
- Mercenaries (groups are welcome)
- Blacksmiths
- Assassins
- Tavern Slaves
- Bath Slaves
- Slaves in general (both genders welcome)
- Thieves
- Mariners
- She-Urts
- Dock Workers
- Shipwrights
... and anything else you'd like. In case of doubts, IM 'Єιr' (nisuliel).
Adlai Rae
Junior Moderator
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Posts: 10

« 19. August 2017, 10:36:12 »
I took a look here tonight. It's very well done. Every room has incredible character and detail.

I spoke with the sim owner a bit. Seems like a good place for a band of RPers to settle in if you're looking for a great backdrop for your setting.
Drevan Darkbyrd
lives here
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« 20. August 2017, 01:56:19 »
It looked amazing very very well built. Very impressive.

Is just plain old.
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