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Author Topic: Wolves in Gor?  (Read 6572 times)
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Larlos Jtunkin
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Larlos the Rug Maker

« 21. July 2017, 06:46:50 »
In my travels of SL Gor, I keep coming across people who are into wolves and have worked them into their Gorean roleplay.  I know there are books I haven't read, but the first seventeen of them were completely devoid of wolves.  The Great Ubar Luther, who had read all the books written in the early 2000s, wrote that there were no canines in Gor, but he was writing before Norman wrote the last several books.  So have wolves appeared in BTB Gor via a book I've yet to read?
Xaz Elephas
Global Moderator
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« 25. July 2017, 05:27:21 »
Not that I recall. I have read them all.  Poor me.

I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.
Aphris Myoo
Hero Member
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Lady Aphris of the Kataii, yearkeeper

« 27. July 2017, 16:11:12 »
I don't recall them either. But there are some some references that there are wolves on Earth.

Probably sleen have taking their place on the food chain.

Lady Aphris of the Kataii, yearkeeper
She smiled. "I have grown fond of the smell of bosk," said she. Kamchak smiled. He held his hand to the girl. "Ride with me, Aphris of Turia," said Kamchak of the Tuchuks. Nomads of Gor
Caranda Schreiner
Sr. Member
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« 08. August 2017, 13:10:42 »
No, there is nothing in the later books to suggest that any canine species, including wolves, exists on Gor.

The position remains as described by Tarl Cabot in Savages:

"They would be regarded as mythical or stories of wondrous animals, such as the horse, the dog
and griffin."

I smiled. Horses and dogs did not exist on Gor. Goreans, on the whole, knew them only from
legends, which, I had little doubt, owed their origins to forgotten times, to memories brought long
ago to Gor from another world.

It is regarded as right to enslave a natural slave
Larlos Jtunkin
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Larlos the Rug Maker

« 08. October 2017, 03:42:19 »
Thanks for your comments.  It is as I thought.  However Gor is not completely mapped nor explored, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt who bring wolves into Gor.  But for me, you ask this rug maker to weave a Gorean wolf, and I will politely recommend another rug maker down the way.
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