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Author Topic: A World Apart - Questions About Gor  (Read 2639 times)
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Hello darkness, my old friend

« 11. September 2017, 17:33:06 »
Q&A for Gor-SL

Something in the Water?
How did going to a new planet, one that was for all intents and purposes similar to our own end up with nearly every culture going the route of ‘men strong, women weak’, and with every culture adopting the European style of dress, considering that in Gor most people stay the fuck away from each other? Furthermore, assuming the Earth in the novels had the exact same history as our own, for it must have for Tarl to be surprised at Gorean lifestyle, how would Gorean society have evolved to be the way it is now?

On Slaves
Does slavery only seem like such a big part of life in Gor because it’s all one continent, as opposed to multiple continents spanning the globe? If slaves make up about 1% or 2% of the population why is it such a big deal? We see a caste of slavers, we see farmers using slaves either alongside or in place of animals to do certain tasks, and people can apparently afford to steal the women of other cities to add to their kennels. Wouldn’t this affect the population of a city, or not, what with people’s longevity and ‘slave/breeding wine’ available?

That awkward moment when you realize your favorite place to visit is actually a hive of scum and villany...
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Com'on! It's not Rocket Surgery!

« 24. September 2017, 19:51:34 »
Furthermore, assuming the Earth in the novels had the exact same history as our own,

This is a concept I continue to try to get people to see. In book five John Norman pulls a stunt that Anne Rice later does in her own books. In the novel the "Vampire Lestat" Lestat picks up a copy of "Interview with a Vampire." This is done to give you and I the reads that our world is the world we are reading about. In Assassins of Gor when the newly arrived humans are caged inside the cells at House Cernus the women believe Gor is just a fictional place they read about in a novel called Tarnsman of Gor. Tarl up to this point had been making sure to document his time on Gor and left the first story on Earth and some how, likely the priest Kings, he has continued to send his manuscripts back to Earth.

So you don't have to assume the Earth in the Novels has the same history, JN writes in a way that makes Earth of his novels an exact copy of ours.

Of Slavery

I can't rewrite the books to make sense. And sadly this topic you have brought up is one where 1+1=3. He gives us the answer, then gives us the the facts to support his answer, but when you do the math it doesn't add up. Just follow with me.

If female slaves are only 2% of all women as suggested in the books  1
If male slaves are rarer then female slaves +1
How is it male slaves are commonly dressed as normal men so they don't discover their own numbers and plot a revolt? =3
Why would you need to hide the numbers of your male slaves if they only made up 1% or less of your male population.

Farther more, I live in Baltimore Maryland in RL. when ever I go out I see the race divide in the city in the numbers they should be.  63.2% are African American. 28.1% White. So I see from day to say mostly white and African American folks. What I do not see every time I go out are people of Hispanic blood, and they are 3.8% of the city. I don't see Asians every time I go out 2.4%
 of the city.

However in the books out on the streets you see the slaves all over the place. In the market being sold, on streets doing chores, in baths doing their jobs. You can't escape the slaves in a city. They do not appear in the books as the lowly 2%

You just have to face it, John Norman wrote things in his books down as plan facts, like the 2%, without keeping that fact in his mind as he painted the picture in his mind down with words.

It is the same as slaves kneeling. He writes time an time again how slaves knelt, how they could be killed if they didn't. He hammers that point home any time he speaks of the subject directly. However as you read the body of his work if you look at the practice of the matter you see an uncountable number of examples counter to this hard and fast rule as you read over and over about about slaves interacting with the free from their feet.

Law Vs Practice, JN's books don't hold up.
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