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Author Topic: Tarn House -Mouse Steering Racing Tarns  (Read 3411 times)
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Adoveea Rau
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« 11. October 2017, 02:52:17 »
Yep, I've been doing new styles of flight programming...no surprise there huh?

I have beta racing tarns out on a rezzer at the Sardar Fair for their Tarn Race.
 Yes they're *done* but I always want perfection so  I call them beta racing tarns.
These tarns steer with the mouse while you are in mouselook.

Its all about auto cruise in mouselook. No holding down keys to move, the tarn moves with speed you give it and how you move your mouse.

 Just like a car you drive, in autocruise you use your steering wheel. With these tarns, in mouselook, you steer it with your mouse.You move your mouse up, the tarn moves up, pull your mouse towards you, tarn moves downward, move mouse left or right, tarn  turns left or right.

Speed, Press W or arrow up and your speed increases
          Press  S or arrow down and your speed decreases or goes to zero.

No holding down any extra keys at all to move. Auto Cruise, moves on its own, at whatever speed you give it.

IF you want fancy tight turns, then you hold down a turn key (A or D) OR (arrow right or arrrow left) and move your mouse right or left and you turn tight. There's some wild maneuvers you can do with that, leave it to you to discover them. Hint, all depends on your steering your mouse and how you hold/release your turn key.

 Looping Racers? Hold down the E key or page up key and move the mouse straight up and away from you. You will loop a 360 in place. Again, There's some wild maneuvers you can do with that, leave it to you to discover them. Hint, all depends on your steering your mouse and how you hold/release the E or pageup key.

Place : Sardar Fair, Barbarian Camp, No Raid Free Rent.
Event:  Sardar Fair

The Mouse Steering Racer tarn is there.
Two types, pink one with looping, green one without looping.
 Looping is being able to spin a 360 vertical circle holding down the E key or pageup key and moving the mouse away from your body.

This tarn is auto cruise, auto started.
You hop on (click on body or behind saddle on tarns rear), be in mouselook, give it some speed (press W or arrow up) and use your mouse to steer it.
GO SLOW AT FIRST. Speed 5 through 10  is nice way to start.



Warning. Again. THOSE TARNS CAN GO UP TO 40 SPEED!!.
VERY few folks can fly them at  40 speed going through hoops.

Before you get your ego involved, *grins* let me point out testing was done on these mouse steering tarns with several dedicated testing tarnsman, and many FW/slaves who never flown anything much less a tarn in SL.

The FW and slaves could hop on them and fly them with speeds of 3 to 10 easily once they figured out it was mouse look and steer with their mouse. I couldn't get many of them off the tarn once they got that figured out!!!

Experienced tarnsman might have more trouble in several aspects.

1. Every single tarnsman immediately pushes the speed to 40 and then complains they can't control it or get dizzy blah blah .
 Lifts an eyebrow, its 2x the speed of your 20 speed war tarn!! Unless you live for other games of flight on planes like jets, etc or  you've been a lunatic tester with me for years when I say "not fast enough? HELL TARN TIME"..and put you on a 95 speed tarn to teach you a lesson..(my kill count on tarnsman is up to 5 fat digits and getting close to 6 after all these years.)

Tuck the ego away and fly it slower, speed will come to you with practice.

Yes, i got tarnsman who can fly 40 through racing hoops without a qualm on these and keep asking me to push them higher. I thought 40 was high enough challenge.

2. Some of the tarnsman couldn't handle not holding down keys  to fly
     That is a flight style preference.
     These are RACERS not combat tarns.
   That's why they have no health meter.
      Others adapted at the speed of light during testing and were spinning nasty tight tight circles around me on their tarn (holding down the  turn key for very  tight circles) and hitting me with their sword (testing it for future combat war tarn). Yes their sword, that's how tight and maneuverable the flight circle turn can be around a standing/running and cussing person can be.

3. Feels like you're not moving fast enough, was heard a couple of times.
    That's what happens when you strive to constantly smooth out the flight programs to be less and less jerky...

Hard Core Information:
These Racers are not for market yet. You cannot buy the rezzer.
These Racers are Beta,  not for sale
These are not Combat Tarns, no health meter and speed is for tarn racing and giving a flight challenge.
The color and style/body/look  of the tarn, wings crest, body, saddle  etc.etc. mean nothing at this point, this is not the final model for them.

Go try out a mouse steering tarn.

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Reputation is what others know about you, honor is what you know about yourself
Xaz Elephas
Global Moderator
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« 19. October 2017, 01:45:44 »
When Koh gets back from the beach I get him to stop by with me and we will help test the beta.  I love the idea of simple mouse steering tarns. 

I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.
Adoveea Rau
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Posts: 1663

« 19. October 2017, 02:06:55 »
Koh has already been testing them, while they were being built Smiley

Reputation is what others know about you, honor is what you know about yourself
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