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Author Topic: In Honor of Cancifer Ogg. Rest In Peace brother.  (Read 1826 times)
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Xaz Elephas
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« 29. March 2018, 18:04:20 »
Again we have to start one of these threads. It saddens me to have to share with the community that the player of Cancifer Ogg, Black Caste Master has passed away this week.  I like this thread to be about sharing your best moments in role-playing with 'Oggie'.(One of our pet names some of us had for him OOC that always made him laugh.)  Ogg was a Master Assassin in my camp back in the day at Dagger Isle for time.

here a few of my memories and I will be add some more...

I get a Im from Ogg, this was... 2010  I believe where he said he like to show off his new camp and to bring as many of Dagger Isle Assassin's that I could. Of course any time those words came from Ogg I suspected something was up more so then just wanting to show off his new camp. So I gather about 12 of us and head to Ogg's new camp. As he is showing us around the new camp he is also pointing out what would be the best spots to defend the camp if it was every raided.  So, I ask Ogg, what's up?  He says there is a good chance a raid is coming. No sooner he said that then one of Ogg's Camp Assassin's give the shout out: Raiders Incoming!  Sure enough as we stood on a look-out at the camp we could see a line of warriors heading towards the camp... like... 15+ !!  Weapons are drawn, and we buckle down for the battle.   For the next 2 hours we and Olni Warriors battled.  We did win but barely.  Olni at the time had some of the best warriors. After the battle both sides talked ooc about how much fun both sides had. Back in those days it was common after battles both sides talk about the fun just had by all. I asked Ogg 'So Oggie, why DID Olni attack your camp?'  Ogg replied, "Oh I took the Ubar's slave.'  We all laughed. Cancifer was well known for going after Ubar's slaves  all in fun.  There were even at times warrants out for him due to this activity he enjoyed a lot.

Another time I recall I was at Minus Tavern having some paga when Panther's raided. There was about 5 of them and not many warriors or Assassin's around when they took me down, binded me and were about ready to drag me away to there camp. Just as they had finished securing me in ropes and removing all my weapons who would land on the boat but... Cancifer.  He Im's me and ask 'So, Xaz need a rescue or do you want to spend a night with the Panthers?'  Which I quickly replied... 'HELP!'  Within moments he downed all the Panthers, cut me free, and he took the Panthers back to his camp for a night of fun.

Lets have this thread be a celebration of his time with us in Gor. Share your memories.

I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.
Thom Podlum
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« 06. April 2018, 02:57:04 »
We will be hosting a memorial service for Cancifer Ogg on Saturday, April 7, at 12 PM (noon) SLT on the Boswell Ridge sim.  For details and a LM, feel free to contact Obsidian in world.  (Thom Podlum)

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my calmness for acceptance
or my kindness for weakness.
Triad Fallen
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Keeping a eye on things

« 06. April 2018, 21:35:15 »
A solid guy and a great sense of humor. He will be missed.

   Caste Of Assassins
- Nil mortifi sine lucre -
Laja DeCuir
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« 15. April 2018, 19:03:40 »
Such sad news... My thoughts are with his beloved ones and family.

The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart ... - Antoine de Saint Exupery
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