Gorean Ceremonies Part VI - "Collaring"


Laja DeCuir:
...ok here we go. If you have a girl branded you need a collar or vise versa ;)

The Collaring Ceremony

First it is interesting to state that some claim the word ‘collar’ doesn’t exist in that way in the gorean language. You find it in the book “Slave Girl of Gor” and “Captive of Gor”.

"'Kneel to be collared,' he said.
'Bring the collar,' said Thander of Ti to one of his men.
'I have found a slave who pleases me,' he said. 'I am collaring her.'
He cared not for the politics of cities, nor did he fear the wrath of states. He was a warrior.
He stepped behind the girl and, in the manner of Ti and certain other cities, thrust down her head and held ready the opened collar.
'Submit,' he said.
'I submit myself, totally, Master,' she said.
Roughly he shut the collar, enclosing her lovely throat in the obdurate band of slave steel. He then, with his foot, spurned her to the floor." Slave Girl of Gor, p. 423
Mostly it just named the ‘band of slave steel’. But well the gorean word is pronounced and spelled in the way “ko-lar”. Luther wrote in his scrolls that the gorean words “kajira” (slave girl) and “kan-lara” seem to indicate a preference for the sound of “k” in those words.
In the gorean world in Second Life it is pretty usual to say ‘collar’ and I did rarely experienced the Use of the word ‘ko-lar’.

"'Ko - lar,' shea said, indicating her collar. 'It is the same word in English,' I cried. She did not understand my outburst. Gorean, as I would learn, is rich in words borrowed from Earth Languages; how rich it is I am not a skilled enough philologist to conjecture. It may well be that almost all Gorean expressions may be traced to one or another Earth language. Yet, the language is fluid, rich and expressive. Borrowed expressions, as in linguistic borrowing generally, take on the coloration of the borrowing language; in time the borrowings become naturalized, so to speak, being fully incorporated into the borrowing language; at this point they are, for all practical purposes, words within the borrowing language. How many, in English, for example, think of expressions such as 'automobile,' 'corral,' and 'lariat' as being foreign words?
'Collar!' I said. Eta frowned. 'Ko - lar,' she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel fashioned on her throat. 'Ko - lar,' I said, carefully following her pronunciation. Eta accepted this." - Slave Girl of Gor p. 80/1
As you can see in the quote above this would be a short version of a collaring. You also find much longer and formal ceremonies. In the case of the Barbarian Elinor who was collared by the Warrior Rask of Treve it is of particular interest that this girl is cleaned, perfumed and prepared for the event, presented as fitting for such before her master. Also the girl is again spurned at the end. I won’t quote that one her – have a look in Captive of Gor, p. 282-284 if you like to read more about this procedure.

Instead of this I think the collaring by Tarl Cabot in the 10th book of Norman (Tribesmen of Gor, p. 359-360) is pretty good to show how it can be performed.
This part may be performed even if the slave has not been re-branded, as in the case where a slave is purchased by a new Master or otherwise change hands. And once more I have to remark, that I saw a lot of slaves been branded after the collaring not the other way around on Gor in Second Life. Also some of them aren’t branded at all.

Have a look on the following lines:

"Assume the posture of female submission," I told her. She did so, kneeling back on her heels, her arms extended, wrists crossed, her head between them, down. She was weeping.

The command on the most collars is named “submit”

"Repeat after me," he tells her. "I, once (her name) of (her home city or town, or of Earth)..."
She repeats this.
"..herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things..."
She repeats this.
"...to him who is known as (his name) of (his city)..."
She repeats this.
"...his girl, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases."
She repeats this.
At this point he produces the collar. If it is engraved with his name or an inscription, he would let her read them or reads it to her, making sure that she understands what it says and means. Then he places it about her neck and snaps it shut with a click.
"I am yours, Master," he says.
"I am yours, Master," she repeats.
Now it is the time typically any Free in attendance would congratulate the Master on his new slave. When this is done, the new Master will usually ask the slave the following three questions:
"Who were you?" he asks.
She tells him her former name.
"What are you?" he asks.
"I am your slave, Master," she says.
"What is your name?" he asks.
"Whatever Master wishes," she answers.
If it will please the Master he will in this moment bestow upon the girl her new slave-name, which can be taken from her or changed at any time, according to his whim.
"You are (new slave-name)," he tells her.
"Yes, Master. I am (new slave-name)," she says.
This is all about it…hm…I would say “Yes my Master…” fits better.*winks
Ah..before I forget about it, of course a submit to a Mistress would be performed in the same way and also with a kajirus (male slave).


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