Breeding Slaves

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RedSnapper Teitelbaum:
personally I think the whole breeding issue is a bit dodgy, there were many quotes I have found since depicting young girls as slaves, then we have the whole child ava thing going, just uncomfortable ground for me if its brought in too much to sl gor or at all.

I think its fine on a discussion point of what happened in the books, but theres always someone wanting to bring it in to sl then which worries me.

Red x

RedSnapper Teitelbaum:
Well I have done a bit of research on this subject, here goes:-


*slave breeding with a slave (breeding slave with male silk slave, hooded)*

Most Gorean slave girls are comely, or beautiful. This is easy to understand. It is almost always the better looking women who are taken for slaves, and, of course, in breeding slaves, it is commonly only the most beautful of female slaves who are used, these usually being crossed, hooded, with handsome male silk slaves, also hooded. The female offspring of these matings needless to say, are often exquisite.....
...Some female slaves, incidentally, have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matings, and their masters hold the papers to prove this. It is a felony in Gorean law to forge or falsify such papers....
In the case of the bred female slave, of course, she has been legally and literally, in anyone's understanding, bred to the collar, and in a full commercial and economic sense, as a business speculation on the part of masters. The features most often selected for by the breeders are beauty and passion opposed to the pseudomasculine type of intelligence often found in women with large amounts of male hormones, is commonly linked, apparently genetically, with these two hitherto mentioned properties....
---Savages of Gor, 2:68-70

*slave bred with slave to breed an 'exotic'*

Ho-Hak's right ear twitched. His ears were ususual, very large, and with extremely long lower lobes, drawn lower still by small, heavy pendants set in them. He had been a slave, doubtless, and doubtless, judging by the collar, and the large hands and broad back, had served on the galleys, but he had been an unusual slave, a bred exotic, doubtless originally intended by the slave maters for a destiny higher than that of the galley bench.
There are various types of "exotics" bred by Gorean slavers, all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as a Passion Slaves and Draft Slaves. Exotics may be bred for almost any purpose, and some of these purposes, unfortunately, seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens. Ho-Hak may well have been one so bred.
"You are an exotic," I said to him.
Ho-Hak's ears leaned forward toward me, but he did not seem angry. He had brown hair, and brown eyes; the hair, long, was tied behind his head with a string of rence cloth. He wore a sleeveless tunic of rence cloth, like most of the rence growers. "Yes," said Ho-Hak. "I was bred for a collector."
---Raiders of Gor , 3:14-15

*however, only certain types of male silk slaves were used, not the so feminine ones:-*

The feminine type of male silk slave, incidentally, for better or for worse, is seldom selected for breeding purposes. Gorean slave breeders, perhaps benighted in this respect, prefer what they take to be health to what they think of as sickness, and what they take to be strength to what they deem weakness."
~Savages of Gor, page 69~

also a couple of quotes to back this up:-

*Breeding wine*

A beverage made from the extract of the Teslik plant. It counteracts the contraceptive effects of slave wine, making a slave girl fertile. It is also called second wine.
This would be served to a girl by her Master in the event she is to be bred with a handsome male slave. Such breeding is done with both slaves hooded so they do not see each other. It is black in colour.
It is bitter to taste and lasts for more than a Gorean month.

*breeding cell*

also called a breeding stall. A slave who is designated to be bred is taken there. Both kajira and kajirus are hooded and though they will never know the other's identity their coupling is public, observed by Masters and others.
Dancer of Gor, page 175


Whereas caste membership is commonly connected with the practice of an occupation, such as agriculture, or commerce, or war, there can be, of course, caste members who are not engaged in caste work and individuals who do certain forms of work who are not members of that caste commonly associated with such work. Caste, commonly, though not invariably. is a matter of birth. One may, too, be received into a caste by investment. Normally mating takes place among caste members, but if the mating is of mixed caste, the woman may elect to retain caste, which is commonly done, or be received into the caste of the male companion. Caste membership of the children born of such a union is a function of the caste of the father." --"Slave Girl of Gor" page 212-213

as you can see from this, a child born of mixed Caste falls naturally within the mothers Caste unless she choses otherwise, hence below:-

The youth of Tharna is usually bred from women temporarily freed for purposes of their conception, then reenslaved. In Tharnan law a person conceived by a free person on a free person is considered to be a free person, even if they are later carried and borne by a slave. In many other cities this is different, the usual case being that the offspring of a slave is a slave, and belongs to the mother's owner.
---Vagabonds of Gor, Ch 26

so you see from the above, the Owner would normally Free their slave I would imagine should they fall pregnant with their child, until birth is over, so that the child could be considered Free, I doubt a FM would chose to have their child born in to slavery, however should they do so, this is obviously their choice, if the slave were Freed for the duration of the pregnancy and birth, she would either be re-inslaved, or perhaps after a suitable time considered for FC, however I do point out that, it is not the norm for a FM to intentionally inpregnant his or a slave:-

"He proffered me a cup and I with one hand holding the blanket about me with the other drank its contents. It was a foul brew but I downed it. I did not know at the time but it was slave wine. Men seldom breed upon their slave girls." --Slave Girl of Gor page 69.

I hope this has answered some questions, my summary being:-

slave on slave, like cattle breeding, getting the best out of the bunch to sell on ie the pro-creation of more slaves bred rather than captured slaves.
FM & FW considered the norm and expected with Gorean culture for the purposes of pro-creating children who are Free.
FM & slave is not considered the norm, however I am sure the odd incident happened & the FM would deal with the situation depending on whether they wished the child to be Free upon birth or a slave.

Red x

Laja DeCuir:
phew, that was close. I was just on my way to look for the quotes. thank you Red! :-*

RedSnapper Teitelbaum:
laughs at Laja...sips her blackwine and rubs her eyes so she stops going cross eyed having read and sifted through all those notes..looks around and stands up stretching her long legs thinking she should go and do something really wild to let off steam..any suggestions Laja?


colin Tuck:
Hi Red I am on nights come and join me I am sure we can think of something to do he he ;-)


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