Cocks under Kilts?

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KiraLynnn Resident:

Can anyone find a quote in the books about wearing cocks?

"Wear your cock Master" I said. Casius looked at me strangely "But I thought I was already wearing it?" Looking in closer and squinting" Oh there it is!"

whores of gor pg 101

vido sciarri:
i gave up waering my trouusers cos they are too hard to put on jump out of other mens companions windows

Maddy Avonside:
Quote from: Sahara Luckless on 05. May 2011, 17:15:58

Quote from: Maddy Avonside on 05. May 2011, 16:01:43

I dont about prim cocks but mmmmmmmmm I love kilts.  I drool when I see a man in a kilt.

pfft Sadi you drool with anything with two legs and a cock, don't let her fool you guys ;) My Master has made her almost clean up his bridge several times, when she gets to excited... as for kilts and cocks, it's Gor, so what, if he wants to wear his cock-- he will wear this cock, unseen or seen, just give us slaves something to hunger for later, and makes our Master more willing, say if a finger accidentally brushes against it.. *smirks*

Lol nerina.  You got a point there about the bridge.  As for kilts being easy access and teasing our Masters, who says it has to be a finger that accidentally brushes against it? 

Buri Shalala:
nothing wrong with sportin your jimmy under your kilt unless of course you have graphics like sadis Master who cant see my kilt at all for some reason .  That said though don't forget to add in the o.O line in your rp when you pounce your captive to bind them ...../me drops to his knees beside the man while pulling the binding fiber from his belt ,  his manhood slapping against the mans back as he forgot he had nothing on beneath his kilt.

JF Kanto:
To wear or not to wear.....apologies to Wm. Shakespere....

Really do not see the need to be wearing our manhood.  Just one more thing to have on, so my vote is no....


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