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Author Topic: How to inspect a slave before buying it  (Read 12780 times)
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Victor Warilard
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« 30. October 2011, 08:06:41 »
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10:34 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle is dragged off the boat by a pair of rough hands. The slaver drags her onto the dock. Tears stream down her cheeks but only muffled whimpers escape her gagged mouth. The slaver calls out, asking if any are in the market for a freshly collared slave, formally the daughter of a blue caste of Ar.
[10:38 PM]  Victor Warilard: "it seems you are being thrown here to earn some coin," he says to the girl the slaver had cast to the docks

[10:38 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle loooks to the man in horror, her eyes widening. The slaver pushes her forward so the man might inspect her.
[10:40 PM]  Victor Warilard: "Remove your camisk, girl so that I might inspect what you have to offer. Don’t make me use my dagger. it is dull and sometimes slips
[10:42 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle drops her head, her cheeks burning red with shame. She hesitates but for a moment but she sees the slaver reach for his whip and she slowly removes the camisk.
[10:42 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle feels an angry prod from the slaver and she gets in the display position, as she had been instructed

 [10:44 PM]  Victor Warilard: 'Not bad, ": he says at first glance, "Stand so I may get a closer look and examine the merchandise more carefully. Arch your back and spread your legs" he commands as his eyes scan her body, examining her like a piece of meat 
[10:45 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle: .me lets out another sob through her gag and spreads her leg and pushes out her chest
[10:49 PM]  Bedisa [Chaya Mhia] would emerge from the inn from where she had been staying hence her arrival and passed the tavern master and the slave he was examining. The ahn was late but she casually glimpsed over towards the scene and raised a brow curiously before simply meandering over a rope post and assuming her place. She raised her hand and allowed her head to perch upon the back of her hand while the glint of her nose-ring was illuminated by distant firelight as she settled her gaze upon the most interesting duo amongst snoring she-urts and sleeping begger men, Victor and Hannah.

[10:49 PM]  Victor Warilard removes her gag so he can inspect her teeth. 'Scream or cry out and I will put something worse inside." he opens her mouth and looks carefully. He then examines her chest more closely, pleased at the size of her bosom which would attract more customers. He reaches out and begins squeezing them, not caressing them the way you would a lover but more like the away someone would examine a bay bosk to see of it was healthy or had any imperfections. Breasts were important to customers in the paga den and they would play with them for hours. He lifted them up a few times and dropped them to see how they would bounce. he pinches her nipples hard and twisted them, wanting to see how quickly they would become erect. Finally he says, "so far not too bad"
[10:51 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle chokes back a sob as the man begins to roughly fondle her breasts, and she must resist the urge to pull away. She lets out a squeal, more from embarrassment than pain as he pinches her nipples, which are quite sensitive and quickly harden, in spite of revulsion at being treated like this.
[10:55 PM]  Victor Warilard: "Spread your legs further apart," he says and stoops down to get a closer look at her heat. His face is close enough his warm breath is pouring over her tender folds as he studies her sensitive flesh. "We may have to shave this closer" he mutters as his fingers massage and probe her folds, checking for any bumps that would diminish her worth. He uses 2 fingers to spread her petals and peers up inside, then blows his warm breath up inside just to test her reaction.
[10:59 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle closes her eyes, her face burning even redder as the man bends down to inspect her most private of areas. Suddenly his two fingers begin to explore and she wails in humiliation. She shakes her head back and forth, as if she cannot believe this is happening. She had been opened, but only by one man and it was not by choice and so this inspection tore at her very core. Still, she was sensitive down there and involuntarily her body reacted to his touches. This made her feel ashamed, and she dropped her head.
[11:06 PM]  Victor Warilard: He spent a few extra moments just holding her petals apart, wanting her to really feel just how it was to be property and for the use of others. "Now turn around," he tells her as he continues his examination. He wasn't interested in everything, just the parts his customers would be using every day. "When a merchant ship comes in the girls might be furring nonstop for many ahn and need to be in good shape to handle everything from everyone going into everywhere. Has she been given a clean bill of health by a vet?" he asks the slaver. He wanted to see her ass because those customers who would make her turn around would pay more coin if they were pleased. He pushes her head down so her as is spread wider and up in the air for him to get q good look. He takes out a copper tarks and bounces it off each of her cheeks to see how well it will bounce. "Hold still," he commands, then slaps each cheek hard to judge the sound and jiggle from the smack. 'Now stay still again while I get out some lubricant." He had left his in the den and saw a can of grease the blacksmith uses on the wall
[11:11 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle sobs quietly as the man describes what might be her near future. His humiliating examination continues. She sees the slaver hold out her slave papers. "As healthy as they can be. On Ar her parents were quite wealthy, they made sure she was perfectly fit for you and your customers ' use. If they weren’t now dead you could thank them. She flashes a hateful glare at the man for his joke but her attention is quickly back to the man who is inspecting her, for he has returned.
[11:15 PM]  Victor Warilard: The blacksmith's grease looked pretty disgusting and there might be some concern s about hygiene, but he didn't want to waste a lot of time looking for the lubricant. He finally solved the issue by putting on a glove first to protect his skin. He spread her cheeks and slid the gloved finger inside to see how tight she was and whether he thought she could handle the use she would likely get from the men in his den, twisting and turning his finger as he slid it deeper inside. He slid it back and forth a few times before finally pulling his gloved finger out and then tossing the glove on the open fire after what it had been through. "Better wash that off," he tells one of the slaves watching as he points to the girl's ass. "Be quick and be thorough." Looking at the slaver while the other slave comes back with some rep cloth to start cleaning her, "so how much do you want for this beast? She has not been trained yet you know"
[11:21 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle lets out a surprised gasp, when suddenly she feels a finger slide into her rear, the first time anything had been put in there. She lets out a humiliated whimper as the man explores. The man pulls out and slaves begin to clean her and she cries softly, humiliated. The slaver begins to bargain. "She is the daughter of one of the most powerful men if Ar. In a city she would sell for 20 gold easily. And she is not trained but I say breaking them is the most fun part. She also learns pretty quickly, after a few lashes from a whip or a taste of the goad. I bought her for 5 gold though, from a fool who did know what she was worth. So I shall sell her to you for 7 gold." Hannah didn’t care enough to point out that in fact she had been kidnapped by outlaws, at no cost.
[11:27 PM]  Victor Warilard: His hand rested on the slave’s ass, enjoying the sight of the other slave trying to clean off all the grease while he bargained for her with the man. He grins at the slaver and says, "This isn't a city and you would not have come here if her papers were all in order. We don't get opulent merchant ships from Ar selling the latest fashions and perfumes, we get workers from the Mines who only care that the girls moan loud enough to make them think they don't care how ugly they are or how hairy their cock is or when they bathed last. I can give you 5 coppers for her and you should consider that a fair price"

[11:34 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle remains bent forward, feeling the man grabbing her ass, her cheeks burn hot. She tries to put her mind elsewhere, to remember her family, barely paying attention as the men haggle over her price. The slaver snorts' I could sell a she urt I had just plucked off the docks for more than 5 coppers. But to be fair, I got her and her sister for 5 gold and already made back my costs selling her to Fina. So I can part with this one for a gold piece. She is a former blue caste, the sailors will love to have their way with some slut who wouldn’t have given them a second glance in her old life, you will make your money back in no time. One gold, that is more than fair." Hannah flashed an angry glare at the man. Her sister had not been sold by him. The rest of her family had been killed or sold off well before this rogue had gotten his hands on her.

[11:39 PM]  Victor Warilard: Looking back at the girl's ass after it had been cleaned he had to suppress a grin. Once she was trained he knew he could sell that ass several times a night and could earn back her price in little time and she would be turning a profit. "A gold is still too much for a poor town such as ours, "The men who come here often have to beg me to let them use the girls for free and take advantage of my good heart and favors to their families. I can give you a silver, though it may be several years before I get back any return on my investment."

[11:43 PM]  Hannah Bartavelle: The slaver mumbles under his breath. But he was trying to unload her fast, for he knew she was stolen goods. Not that they would ever find her in all likelihood, but he didn't like to take risks. "Fine," the man grumbles. "Service with fire slut." Hannah begins to cry, realizing her nightmare had become immeasurably more horrifying. She wasn’t just a slave, she was now a paga slut.


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« 30. October 2011, 12:31:29 »
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That was very good rp and I loved the inspection.  Very well done both of you.

"There is a time and a place for speaking, as there is a time and a place for steel." It is a saying of the warriors.
xanthia mistwalker
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« 30. October 2011, 12:54:59 »
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wonderful rp from both of you and welcome to Tarnwald Hannah
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